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multi platform Jewelry Inventory & Finance Management Billing Software
Unique Features

Any Device; No Installation

Enjoy effortless management from any device, any where, with no installation required. EasyJewellery's web-based platform, accessible on PC, iPad, Tablet, and Mobile, makes it the handiest software for managing jewelry store and wholesale inventory.

multi branch Jewelry Inventory & Finance Management Billing Software
Unique Features

Manage Multiple Jewelry Store Branches

Expand your jewelry empire confidently with EasyJewellery's multi-branch support, designed for efficient jewelry stock management across multiple locations. Monitor all your jewelry stores in one centralized hub.

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barcode Jewelry Inventory & Finance Management Billing Software
Unique Features

Elevate Inventory Control with Barcode & RFID

Supercharge your jewelry inventory management with EasyJewellery's integrated barcode and RFID systems, enhancing precision, security, and efficiency for every gemstone and piece of jewelry in your retail store inventory with our cutting-edge software designed for seamless retail stock management.

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Empowering Retailers & Wholesalers

Catering to both retailers and wholesalers in the jewelry industry, EasyJewellery offers a versatile solution. Retailers benefit from precise inventory management, sales tracking, and customer preference analysis through our advanced barcode and RFID systems, making it ideal for point of sale and store inventory management. This ensures a seamless and efficient retail experience.

Wholesalers, on the other hand, can harness the power of EasyJewellery for bulk selling and buying, even at the gram level, facilitating stock inventory management. What sets us apart is our unique flexibility, allowing wholesalers to operate both as wholesalers and retailers, ensuring accurate tracking of gross and pure balances. EasyJewellery provides the accurate, reliable, and efficient management your business needs to thrive.

retail and wholesalers jewelry software

Hassle-Free Invoicing & Taxation

Effortlessly streamline your jewelry store's financial processes with EasyJewellery. Our all-in-one solution simplifies invoicing for your clients, allowing you to manage taxation and handle billing efficiently. Generate professional invoices directly within the software, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in every transaction. What's more, EasyJewellery enables you to seamlessly handle taxation directly from the platform, eliminating errors and saving you precious time. With EasyJewellery, your jewelry store's financial management becomes a smooth and error-free experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best – serving your customers and growing your business

invoice and taxtion Jewelry Inventory & Finance Management Billing Software

Complete Jewelry Store Finance

Unlock the full potential of your jewelry store with EasyJewellery's comprehensive ERP solution. Going beyond inventory management, our software empowers you to track customer balances, manage accounts, and maintain accurate store and bank cash balances. With robust expense management and comprehensive ERP capabilities, EasyJewellery ensures that your jewelry store's financial operations are error-free, streamlined, and efficient, helping you achieve your business goals seamlessly.

inventory management jewelry software

Easy Role-Based Access Control

One of the standout features of EasyJewellery is its advanced role-based access control, providing you with the ability to finely tailor your team's permissions and responsibilities within your jewelry store. With EasyJewellery, you can create a hierarchical structure where different team members have specific levels of access and control. For example, grant your salesmen the ability to sell products exclusively within your shop while ensuring that high-ranking staff can access all areas of the system, including comprehensive reports on the performance of salesmen.

role based jewellery software
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